The Judean Cold Plunge (Cold Exposure Therapy) – Jeremy Gimpel: The Land of Israel Fellowship

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Join The Land of Israel Fellowship and gain access to all the Bible teachings from Judea and receive your personal invitation to join the exclusive live online gatherings with families around the world every week.

The Land of Israel Fellowship, led by Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, is a live virtual gathering of a community of hundreds of families from over 30 countries around the world who want to enhance their faith, deepen their understanding, and align their destiny with Israel.
Become a member and get an archive of recorded teachings, together with an ongoing relationship and personal connection with Ari, Jeremy, and his wife Tehila, allowing you to take the next step in your journey with Israel and the Hebrew Bible. Join the Biblical destiny of Israel through the Torah of the Land – directly from the mountains of Judea.

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