SHADEN FAKIH: Comedy, Queerness & Solidarity | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #39

In this Sarde with Stand-up comedian Shaden Fakih, we had a blast discussing the following:
– Shaden’s latest interaction with Lebanese Law Enforcement
– Queerness, acceptance and the importance of family
– Palestine and its unique relationship to the Lebanese people
– Hezbollah and the perception of Resistance
– How we coped after the events of August 4th

بالهسردة المضحكة مع الكوميدية شادن فقيه حكينا عن:
– الاستدعاء الاخير لشادن من السلطة
– مجتمع الميم والتقبل وأهمية الأسرة
– فلسطين وعلاقة اللبناني بالقضية
– حزب الله ومفهوم المقاومة
– كيف تعاملنا مع أحداث ما بعد انفجار 4 آب

Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in the Middle East to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream of consciousness and a rambling narrative.
The Sarde After Dinner Podcast is a free space based out of the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, where Médéa Azouri & Mouin Jaber discuss a wide range of topics (usually) held behind closed doors in an open and simple way with guests from all walks of life.

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تابعوا سردة عبر يوتيوب، أنغامي، سبوتيفاي، ابل بودكاست وجوجل بودكاست

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Edited by Dana Abdessamad

00:00 – Shaden’s interrogation
15:02 – PubG & coming out online
18:58 – Shaden’s parents background
24:17 – Being vocal about growing up with mental illness
26:51 – the importance of sharing with parents and siblings
31:38 – Coming out to her parents
39:54 – Finding God and conversion therapy
42:46 – Medea’s son and her gays friends
44:39 – Social media, Sandrine Atallah & online communities
49:49 – Medea is a MILF & strong women in the family
52:22 – Is it ok to say the L word?
53:44 – Shaden asks random people on the street about homosexuality
55:13 – Palest!ne & !srael
57:39 – Being born in Lebanon vs being born in France
58:09 – !srael’s narrative
59:44 – “Lebanon has more problems than Palestine”
1:03:42 – Diferentiating between regimes and the people
1:07:49 – Can you be with Palestine and be against Hezbollah?
1:10:09 – Israel was behind the Aug 4th blast
1:13:07 – The Spectrum of Good and Evil
1:15:35 – Shaden forgets Mouin’s name
1:16:32 – August 4th and the aftermath
1:31:33 – Is there hope?


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