Online Bible Reading Club Day 101 1 Samuel 17-18 & Luke 11:1-28

This is Pastor Justin Westmoreland from the Fully Alive Athlete Pastor Channel. I am an ordained minister of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and a certified personal trainer of the American Council on Exercise.

I enjoy making connections between spiritual, physical, mental, and relational fitness. If we neglect any part of our person then we will become dysfunctional. However, when we commit to bringing up one component of our health underneath the right grid (to the glory of God and for his enjoyment) then this will generally positively impact our integrated, total health of our persons and communities.

We call this channel Fully Alive after a quotation attributed to the early church father, Irenaeus, “God’s glory is seen in man fully alive. Since 2015, I have discovered a thing I like to call, “Doxological Fitness.” When I had a major physical health revival, I began to experience a spiritual revival, which fueled greater health for me relational, mentally, spiritually, and even greater health physically. I discovered that all these components integrate and hold one another together.

In this series of videos/playlist, I invite you to come read the Bible with us!
Today’s video previews/reviews 1 Samuel 17-18 & Luke 11:1-28.

This is your online bible reading club. If you’re here, then I assume you’re like most of us that really struggle to read the bible and stay on a plan. Many people are left with a daunting line by line plan when seeking to read through a bible plan, and so I thought I would bring a face to join you in your struggle to read through the bible. I hope to be your “bible reading trainer” in this series. Much like you’d go to a fitness expert to teach you how to succeed in the gym, go to a pastor and a church to help you succeed in reading and studying the bible.

I’ll post daily reviews/previews depending on how you choose to use them.
We’ll take the Old and New Testament readings and bring out the harmony of how every chapter is truly about Jesus.

Here is the plan we are using for this series.
There are lots of plans out there, but I have found this one to be very helpful.

Keep reading. Keep going. Even if you miss a day, don’t stop. It might take you longer than I year, but I will be here on the youtube channel and I want to run alongside you as you get to the finish line! What an accomplishment it will be read the entire bible! Let’s do this.


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