How Enzymes Work (from PDB-101)

Every second inside every living cell, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place. These reactions constitute the essential tasks of life such as metabolism, protein synthesis, cell renewal and growth. Learn how the proteins called enzymes work to maintain the rate of these reactions at a life-sustaining level.

Based on atomic structures from the PDB archive, observe the mechanism of aconitase, an enzyme of the citric acid cycle, to understand how enzymes utilize their amino acid residues to catalyze a reaction.

To learn more about enzymes, explore the educational resources on PDB-101 (

Story by: David S. Goodsell and Maria Voigt

Animation and Video Editing by: Maria Voigt

Narration by: Brian Hudson

Subtitles available in:
Catalan (translation by Marc Isbert)
Spanish (translation by Marc Isbert)
French (translation by Marie-Cécile Darmon)


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