How to Reduce Tummy Fat After C-section Delivery (Easy Exercises & Tips) সিজারের পর পেট কমানোর উপায়

For most women, achieving a healthy weight post-pregnancy can be a struggle, especially if they have undergone a C-section. However, it is essential to return to one’s healthy weight after delivery. If you’re wondering how to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery, then this video is the answer to your question.

It can be quite stressful as you have to take care of your newborn while adjusting to a new routine. While reaching a healthy weight may be difficult, it’s not impossible. Watch this video as a guide on how to reduce belly fat after a C-section.

Post-delivery, the question ‘how to reduce tummy after c section’ is on most mother’s minds along with ‘how long will it take to see results’. Doctors advise waiting for 6-8 weeks before starting any exercises. Follow the tips shown here to see results!



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